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Choya Yume Wine 750ml

Choya Yume Wine is a is a flavoursome new take on the traditional Japanese Plum wine popular around the world. Consisting of a secret blend of Choya's signature Ume juice extracted from 100% Japanese grown Ume fruits, pure Japanese grape wine and balanced sugar. 

It has a clean, smooth & light bodied sweet flavour that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes sweet white wine such as Moscato or light Muscat's or Tokay's. Ideally served as an apertif or after a meal.

Located in Osaka, the company first started as a wine-grape grower in 1914. Later in 1959 CHOYA began production of Umeshu, a traditional Japanese ume fruit liqueur. Today CHOYA is the No.1 Umeshu making company in the world. Our mission is to produce and promote the finest Umeshu made from natural ingredients.

Brewery: Osaka, Japan
Size: 750ml
8.9% Alcohol Content
Product of Japan
*Must be over 18 to purchase