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Coney Island Classics Butter Me Up Popcorn 226g

Gourmet potato chips and kettle corn made traditionally in copper pots for a true taste of Coney Island.

There’s something about fairground food that can’t be topped. Full of flavour and just-cooked pizazz, it’s edible happiness.

Brooklyn-based Coney Island Classics were determined to capture this magic - and boy, did they ever!

Using non-GMO corn and potato, Himalayan pink salt and lively natural ingredients, their small-batch snacks are cooked by chefs in old-school copper kettles and seasoned to perfection.

By adding a gourmet twist on Coney Island tradition, this addictive range takes you back to the fairground, while keeping it healthy. 100% vegan, and free from gluten, cholesterol, preservatives and nuts (except for Caramel Corn), these outrageously tasty snacks include Butter

Me Up, Jalapeño Poppers and Sweet & Sea Salty… guaranteed to pop.