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Dassai 23 Sake 300ml

With its rice milling of 23% which is the highest milling of all commercial sake, Dassai 23 has been received very well around the world.

The first sake to have achieved such a degree of polishing and purity. Behind a milky soft first nose, a slightly powdered (rice powder) bouquet of flowers (peony, iris) emerges. On the palate, it strikes incredible complexity, oscillating between candy (praline, vanilla, caramel) and fresh (white flowers, crunchy pear) aromatics, its length is reminiscent of world-class wine. 

Dassai 23 can be appreciated for itself or as a gastronomic sake of high class that deserves dedicated pairing. Well suited for light canapés, vegetable and refreshing dishes.

Tasting Notes: Praline, vanilla, caramel, fresh flowers and crunchy pear

Class: Junmai Daiginjo
Brewery Region: Yamaguchi Prefecture
Seimaibuai (polishing rate): 23%
Size: 300ml 
16% Alcohol Content
Product of Japan