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Dassai 39 Sake 720ml

With its rice milling of 39%, it is a second best quality defined by its rice milling after 23%. It has smooth and mellow taste with refreshing finish.

Striking the perfect balance between the richness of Dassai 50 and the finesse of Dassai 23. Presenting a generous nose of warm fruits harvested in the sun, with an invigorating zest of lemon. On the palate, its luscious and juicy attack materialises the well-ripened fruit with an additional hint of sweetness, evolving in the mouth to fresher notes (Japanese melon).

The very definition of a great modern sake, crisp and juicy, to be appreciated for itself or accompanying simply prepared ingredients (raw or grilled white fish, shellfish or crustaceans, steak tartare, etc.).

Tasting Notes: Lemon zest, fruits and Japanese Melon

Class: Junmai Daiginjo
Brewery Region: Yamaguchi Prefecture
Seimaibuai (polishing rate): 39%
Size: 720ml 
16% Alcohol Content
Product of Japan