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Ezaki Glico Bisco Wheat Germ Biscuits with Almond Cream (15pieces)

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Rich almond cream sandwiched between two wheat germ crispy biscuits.

In every 5 Bisco's sandwich crackers, there are over 1 million lactic acid bacteria to help promote a healthy stomach. In addition, this snack is abundant in calcium and vitamins B1, B2, and D.

One of the most popular Biscuits in Japan, Bisco was born in 1933, when biscuits just had arrived in Japan. Featuring yeast in its cream, Bisco was Glico’s second product formulated to contribute to enhanced nutrition. Today’s Bisco does not contain yeast but lactic acid bacteria, which show resistance to the negative effects of body temperature and stomach acids.

Size: 15 pieces
Product of Japan