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Brown Sugar Ginger Tea With Bird Nest

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Multiple Benefits in A Cup:

- Rich in antioxidants to promote anti-aging & improve skin condition

- Relieve menstrual pain, migraine and nausea

Improve blood circulation, lowers cholesterol& blood sugar levels

- Boost immunity, energy & reduces insomnia 


Malaysia’s first contemporary ginger tea containing Birds Nest, Collagen and Malaysia's Bentong Ginger.
With the implementation of advanced dehydration technology, GINGLEBELLE is able to maintain flavor, nutrients and vitamins in the form of a powder.
GINGLEBELLE is made of various natural and safe ingredients making it the healthiest choice of drink for everyone.

Let us be the remedy you’ll look out for when you are in need of comfort and warmth.

Serving Suggestion:

 Pour 1 sachet of Ginglebelle into a cup. Add 150-200ml of hot water and mix it well. 


A box contains 10 sachets of GINGLEBELLE.