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JM Solution

JM Solution Honey Luminous Royal Propolis Mask Black (10 sheets)

Honey Luminous Royal Propolis Bio Cellulose Mask For More Perfectly Upgraded & Firm Honey Luminous Skin!

Propolis, green propolis, royal jelly from honey maximises the moisture and nutrition level onto dry and dehydrated skin.The natural cellulose mask sheet contains honey nutrition and it is very light and easy to lay on the face.

Bio Cellulose Sheet
Nature-originated bio cellulose sheet made from fermenting coconut adheres to skin contour and fully delivers nutrition.

Two Propolis & Royal Jelly
Green propolis, propolis and royal jelly replenish dry, friable ad lifeless skin with moisture and vitality, presenting honey luminous skin.

Upgraded Honey Luminous Skin
A rendezvous between honey luminous essence and bio cellulose delivers upgraded elasticity and firmness to skin and cares skin.


  1. After washing face, apply Honey Luminous Royal Propolis Mask Sheet on entire face.
  2. Take the sheet off 10-20 minutes later and let the remaining essence absorb into the skin.

Size: 30g x 10 pieces
Product of Japan