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Ichiran Ramen Hakata Style Thin Noodles (5 packets)

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Please note that stock of this item is limited and in extremely high demand. It is sold on a first come first serve basis.

Includes Ichiran's Original Red Dry Sauce

After many years of trial and error, and as "the company that has, more than any other, researched pig bone ramen," we have finished developing a souvenir worthy of that name. These noodles could only be developed by Ichiran in Hakata, and are the best in Japan. They are a masterpiece, firm and smooth, going down well, and having rich flavor. The soup, without any unpleasant odor, has the true, good taste and thick flavor of pig bone soup, and is for connoisseurs. Please deeply enjoy this good taste in the comfort of your home.

Our first consideration is the noodle’s compatibility with our soup, then naturally through trial and error we adjust the composition of the flour, thickness, shape, and firmness of our noodles. The more you chew our noodles, the more you can enjoy the flavor of the wheat.

To make our idea a reality, we made minute adjustments countless times. We would adjust the salt, oil, etc. by just 0.01 grams to make sure our noodles produce a profound taste.

Ichiran's Original Dry Red Sauce
This is not regular red-pepper found at the store. Various spices are added to a base of red pepper, combining them in the very best way. We get an exquisite balance by blending and finely adjusting again and again, using our own unique technology.

Size: 5 packets
Serves 5
Product of Japan
Allergens: Wheat, Pork, Soy