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Myojo Japan

Ippeichan Yakisoba Bundle

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Want to try something different from soup noodle? The Noodles from Ippeichan will surprise you with their amazing dry noodles!

Ready in 3 minutes and fantastically filling for lunch.


2 x Ippeichan Yamise No Yakisoba Fried Noodle 135g
Savory noodles with sour sauce and rich taste It is delicious delicious yakisoba which can not stop the sauce. With "Mayo Beam · Nozzle", everyone can easily thin, with clean mayonnaise with mayonnaise. Sprinkle is an original sprinkle blended with flavored mayonnaise flavored flakes, with coloring and flavorful material, with good compatibility with fried noodles such as Aosha and black pepper on the source flakes.

2 x Ippeichan Mentaiko Mayo Yakisoba 124g
Bask in the flavour of salty fish roe with Myojo's Ippeichan yakisoba with fish roe mayonnaise. These instant yakisoba noodles come with a fish roe savoury sauce, a fish roe infused mayonnaise, and garnishes of cabbage, roasted nori seaweed, and fish roe. 

2 x Ippeichan Salt Yakisoba Fried Noodle 132g
Try something a little different for your next yakisoba with Myojo's Ippeichan salt yakisoba. This large square pot of instant yakisoba noodles comes with a temptingly savoury, salt-based yakisoba sauce, spicy black pepper and garlic mayonnaise, and garnishes of oriental cabbage, fried onion, red pepper and seaweed flakes.