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Kumo 59 Junmai Ginjo Artisan Sake 720ml

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Premium Artisan Japanese Sake From Nagano

KUMO Sake is brewed in the beautiful mountains of Nagano prefecture in Japan. Kumo means "Cloud" in Japanese. Our sake is like a cloud. Made of clear water floating in the air. After you drink Kumo sake, you will feel like you are in a heaven, like a floating cloud in the sky.

With our Kumo 59 Sake, the rice grain has been polished down to 59% of its original size leaving the premium portion of the rice grain remaining to produce the highest quality sake.

Kumo Sake is pressed through the shizuku drop method, the most luxurious and labor intensive method for pressing sake.

Tasting Notes: Medium/Light body, light fruity nose with a short clean finish

Size: 720ml 
Seimaibuai (polishing rate): 59%
15% Alcohol Content
Product of Japan
*Must be over 18 to purchase