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Kinto Gift Set Brewer Stand Set & Yukro Filtered Coffee

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A simple and satisfying way to brew coffee at home, the Kinto x ACoffee Brewer Stand Gift Set has everything you need to enjoy a making a delicious pourover coffee.

The Kinto Brewer Stand Set is an all-in-one way to brew a rich, full-flavoured coffee at home. Including a 700ml glass jug and an all-metal brewer stand, starting your day with an aromatic brew is as easy as pouring water over the ground coffee you place in the filter.

And the beans in this gift set are some of the finest available, featuring a filter blend from Melbourne boutique coffee roastery ACoffee. The 250g pack is ground to suit pourover, so all you need to do is measure it out, pop it in the reusable filter, and patiently pour freshly-boiled water over it to enjoy a fresh, flavourful coffee.