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Nittoh Kocha

Nitto Black Tea Milk with Brown Sugar 8pc

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"Nitto Black Tea with brown sugar oshiruko milk" is a combination of brown sugar and milk that further enhances the deliciousness of oshiruko, and is finished as a mellow taste oshiruko drink. Uses brown sugar from Okinawa (brown sugar, which is the raw material for processed brown sugar, is produced in Okinawa). As it is a stick type powder, you can enjoy it easily.

Furthermore, taking advantage of the fact that oshiruko has a high affinity with sweets, an arrangement recipe using this product as a confectionery ingredient has been released on the Nitto Black Tea website from the release date. We will post the QR code of the publication destination on the product package. You can enjoy not only as a beverage but also as an arrangement for sweets.